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By advancing social scientific understanding of global law, global legal institutions and global legal behavior, Center scholars lay foundations for potential solutions. Within this section you will find news updates regarding both center activities and the activities of its directors and affiliated scholars dedicated to advancing the Center's mission
John Hagan weighs in on the question of mass rape in the UCLA International Criminal Law Forum

ABF research professor and Center on Law and Globalization co-Director, John Hagan, has written on the use of social science research as a means for proving mass rape. In his post for the UCLA Human Rights & International Criminal Law Forum, Professor Hagan argues that “proof of mass rape does not require individual testimony by identified mass rape victims. The systematic collection and aggregation of witness reports is more relevant to establishing the planning, occurrence, modus, and effects of mass rape.”  Professor Hagan was invited to participate as an expert in this area with regards to his seminal work on the civil conflict in Sudan, Darfur and the Crime of Genocide. Read his essay here, along with the thoughts of his fellow panelists, Catharine MacKinnon, Kelly Askin, Marie de Brouwer, and Ruth Wedgwood. Join the discussion on the topic page, or visit the Center on Law and Globalization homepage to find out more about Professor Hagan and the Center.


Rockefeller Bellagio Center to host "Discourses on Darfur" (4/23-4/27)
The Center on Law and Globalization will hold an invitation-only meeting entitled "Discourses on Darfur" at the Rockefeller Foundation Bellagio Center on Lake Como, Italy. This meeting is organized by the Center's John Hagan, as well as Joachim Savelsberg (University of Minnesota) and Jens Meierhenrich (London School of Economics). About 20 leaders in the fields of science, law, and media will convene to discuss issues of genocide in Darfur and elsewhere. The meeting will focus on failures as well as advances in representing and responding to mass atrocities, including sexual violence. The goal of the meeting is to examine where these three fields can bridge gaps and set the foundation for more effective future communication and collaboration in efforts to respond to and prevent mass atrocities.

The American Bar Foundation welcomes Center on Law and Globalization Co-Director, Tom Ginsburg, as a new Research Faculty Member.
See this announcement from the ABF. His full faculty profile will be available on the American Bar website in the Fall of 2011 when his appointment officially begins.

John Hagan spoke at the 2010 BJS Public Lecture on The Displaced and Dispossessed of Darfur on October 20, 2010.
Following the lecture,  Richard Wright, editor-in-chief of The BJS, interviewed  John Hagan about his work. Click here to watch a podcast of this interview.

Terence C. Halliday, Bruce G. Carruthers Awarded Multiple Book Prizes for Book on Financial Crisis and International Organizations
To read the Press Release: Click Here
To see information regarding Halliday's recently published book, Bankrupt: Global Lawmaking and Systematic Financial Crisis, Click Here

Tom Ginsburg, Center Co-Director, is awarded the APSA Comparative Democratization Section Award for Best Book for The Endurance of National Constitutions.
To see information regarding Ginsburg's recently published book, The Endurance of National Constitutions, Click Here

John Hagan, Center Co-Director Is Elected To The American Academy Of Arts And Sciences 
To read the Press Release: Click Here
To read more about John Hagan's research: Click Here

John Hagan, Center co-director, reacts to decision of the ICC to possibly expand charges against Sudanese President Al-Bashir to include genocide
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To see information regarding John Hagan's recently published book, Darfur and the Crime of Genocide, Click Here

Terence Halliday, Center on Law and Globalization co-director, addressed the Council on Foreign Relations on China’s Future on November 23, 2009.
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To read more about Terry Halliday's research: Click Here

The Center on Law and Globalization hosted a luncheon for Lucy Reed, President of ASIL, at the ABF on February, 23, 2010.
Left to right: Robert L. Nelson, Director, American Bar Foundation, Elizabeth Andersen, Executive Director, ASIL, Charlotte Ku, co-Director, Center on Law and Globalization and Assistant Dean for Graduate and International Programs, University of Illinois College of Law, and Lucy Reed, President, ASIL.


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