Center on Law and Globalization's Global Program on Systematic Sexual Violence 

Our Center on Law and Globalization has a major thematic focus on the protection of women, men, children, and families from systematic sexual violence in wars, civil conflicts and trafficking. In the arena of international criminal law and sexual violence, the Center is undertaking what we believe to be path-breaking initiatives that facilitate the development of a global community and use social science evidence to reach high-level perpetrators and enhance the power of l aw to protect individuals from systematic sexual violence.
It is our vision to:
  • Develop partnerships that produce social science pattern evidence, sound research methodology and reliable results to assist in the prosecution of systematic sexual violence, protect the victims, and, ideally, predict when and where it will occur. We aim to disseminate important findings to victims attorneys/representatives, local and international activists, specialists in compensation for victims, the media, social scientists, nonprofit leaders, and international lawyers and court officials.
  • Host periodic interdisciplinary meetings at The Hague and around the world, both large colloquium and more focused working groups, which will focus a spotlight on foremost problems of systematic violence.
  • Build a network of scholars and activists working in the area of systematic sexual violence in civil and international conflicts to broaden communication, enhance knowledge, and resource sharing and produce concerted and coordinated action. Social media platforms, the Center's electronic newsletter and this website will be used to create a general resource of case law, institutions, and individuals who are working in this area.
Throughout this sexual violence section you will find: